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What You Need to Know


Is there a delivery fee? Yes, delivery partners will receive a delivery fee plus an optional gratuity.

What are the delivery hours? Delivery hours vary by location, but generally delivery partners are able to deliver as long as retail stores are open, or as long as the retail partner is open.

How long does delivery take? Most deliveries take 30-60 minutes.

What if a liquor store does not carry a selected beverage? Delivery partners will call to confirm a replacement beverage of equal or similar value. On occasion, a delivery partner may have to refund the price difference.

How does the transaction work? You select your drinks, confirm your age, agree to a Terms of Service, and agree to send money to a delivery provider for them to purchase and deliver the beverages to you. Delivery partners earn from the delivery fee plus optional gratuity.

Do I have to present ID? Yes, you must upload a clear picture of your ID when you agree to send money to a delivery partner, and you must present that ID upon delivery as well. We maintain a strict, 2-step ID verification process. The person sending money to a delivery partner must be there to take the delivery.

Can I suggest a drink or food options? Yes, you can suggest a drink by contacting your local delivery partner. We recommend delivery partners tailor their drink selection to local market demand. 

What if no one is at the delivery location to receive the order? Beverages cannot be left unattended for any reason. If the person that sent money to a delivery driver to make the purchase is not home to take delivery, a $25 restocking fee may be charged. If no one over the age of 21 is present, the $25 restocking fee may be charged. Each partner location may have different restocking fees and policies.

I'm transacting with a delivery partner, can I trust them? Our network revolves around the professionalism of participating delivery operators. For your safety, we use a 3rd party payment processor, delivery partners background check, age verify, collect insurance and vehicle information, and ensure their delivery drivers are courteous and well-trained. If there is ever a problem with money or a delivery partner, we'll quickly rectify the issue and you’ll be refunded immediately.

What liquor stores and restaurants do delivery partners pickup from? Delivery drivers will pickup from a liquor store or restaurant in your immediate area to ensure they arrive in a timely manner. 

What payment processor is used? Delivery partners use Square or PayPal to receive money, secure and encrypted online payment processors. Neither BrewRunr nor the delivery partner or delivery driver will have access to any of your financial information. With Square or PayPal, you can quickly and securely transact.

What if there’s a problem sending a payment or a software issue? Drop us an email at We’re crazy about customer service and we'll take care of it!

I'm interested in becoming a delivery partner, can I talk to someone? Click here to schedule a call, or learn more.

I'm interested in becoming a delivery driver. How do I apply? Click Here

What are your Terms of Service? You can view the terms here.

*Legal Notice: BrewRunr, LLC provides a marketing and referral service and does not purchase nor deliver any alcohol; the customer agrees to send money directly (electronically) to an independent delivery partner or directly to a retail partner with a delivery service. Drivers are legally obligated to make the purchase of alcohol within a licensed establishment and qualified to make deliveries. BrewRunr uses a secure 3rd party payment processor and is not the main record-holder in any delivery transaction. As separate business entities, it is the responsibility of delivery partners to understand state and municipal laws regarding the sale and delivery of alcohol in their location. In locations where delivery may be prohibited, operators may hold that location pending the changing of future laws. BrewRunr does not intend to meet the general legal definition of a Franchisor-Franchisee relationship, but as a white-label network service seeking delivery and retail partners.

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