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Get Your Own Location - $400 One-Time Setup Fee (Learn MoreSignup Now!)

Get exclusive rights to a location of your choice! BrewRunr is a powerful and exciting website and app for Android that connects customers looking for beer, wine, spirits and food delivered on-demand in the U.S. or Canada. Own and earn $3K + per month as a delivery operator (or operate a fleet of drivers) or as a retailer offering your liquor inventory on our app and online. Earn 100% ad revenue from advertisers submitting their offers in your area. The ordering platform uses a 2-step ID verification process. The order form requires customers to upload a picture of their photo ID which must be confirmed upon delivery. Customers order on our popular mobile, Android app, and desktop platforms. The scalable platform is intuitive and designed for easy ordering. The software is user-friendly and is built for easy re-ordering and simplified checkout. The fee is for the entire setup and product integration with no other fees included. Partner with us and let customers shop the shelves anywhere, anytime.

As for the legal aspect of BrewRunr, the service is legal to operate in most states provided BrewRunr operates as a "referral service" - a mobile and e-commerce solution connecting the customer to an independent operator/driver or retail location. BrewRunr does not purchase nor deliver any alcohol, the customer agrees to send money directly to an independent driver to purchase and deliver on their behalf. Further, BrewRunr uses a 3rd party payment processor, and is not the main record-holder in any delivery transaction.

What you get as a Delivery Operator or Retailer:

  • Exclusive rights & Licensing (You own the rights to your location with no BrewRunr or GrubRunr locations nearby!)

  • Earn 100% of the delivery fees & gratuity + 100% resell value + we help promote your location!

  • FREE Location and inventory integration for the best-selling drink products into the BrewRunr software

  • FREE software updates

  • Professional graphic work and promotional video compatible with Facebook ads. 

  • You'll receive driver applicants in real-time (if necessary). Operate a fleet of drivers.

  • You'll receive 100% passive earnings on ad revenue for your location.

  • Fast, 1-business day turnaround time!

$59/Month - Full Setup & Integration w/Monthly License (Cancel Anytime)

$400 One-Time Fee - Full Setup & Perpetual License


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